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Guide to Shooter Jobs.

You must have at least 4 years military, any MOS within the last 5 years, OR, 5 years law enforcement OR corrections within the last 5 years. If you have any of these, you are eligible for employment. You pair that up with a good resume, that doesn't look like half the McDonald's ones we see you will get hired pretty quickly.

This is what you need for entry-level security contracting. It is all that matters to get your foot in the door. The more accomplishments you have on your resume, the more jobs you are qualified to be considered. If you meet these criteria and spend more than 15 minutes working on your resume you can easily find work on

If you do not meet the criteria posted above then cannot help you. No matter what you say or how many times you ask, WE DO NOT DECIDE who gets hired. The companies do not decide. The clients ultimately decide. These are the requirements. They will not bend the rules for you when they have 1000 other applicants who meet these requirements. Stop asking us. cannot help you; the answer is a resounding ‘NO’.

If you've been out for more than 5 years then it will take too long to train you on the latest equipment. Once again, why should they hire you, when they have 500 people who don’t require much training? It's a $$ game. There are exceptions, see below in the FAQ section.

This not a industry for people to "break into." This is an industry for trained professionals. Go join the military or be a cop if you want to break into the industry. Put in your time in like everyone else has. Companies will not train you. They want to hire trained professionals.

If you have any crimes on your record, can't help you. If you got popped for drugs or can't carry a gun, then no company will touch you. This site will not be of any use to you. Leave now. Don't bother asking about the ‘what ifs’. The answer is NO. No one within the ShooterJobs industries will hire you for this kind of work.

Even after reading this, people still ask about the ‘what if's. The answer, once again is, ‘NO’. You do not get rewarded for bad behavior. We live in a place called reality. Not the make-believe places some of you live in, where society rewards your mistakes. Mistakes in our world cost lives. So, the answer is ‘NO’.

If you can't write a resume then hire someone to do it for you. You don't want to turn in a $15/hour resume when going for a 6-figure job. This is an industry for professionals.

We recommend

They have a lot of experience writing resumes for the security industry and have been contractors themselves. Tell them Shooter Jobs sent you and they will sort you out at a discounted price for Military and LEO. First check out their website to find out what you will need and how much it will cost. You can also find them on facebook at
Start getting your “I Love Me” books ready. You are going to need it.

We are teaming up with other contractor buddies to start more sites.

Airmen Jobs is open servicing those of you in the air fields.

MOS Jobs will be open very shortly servicing every job category outside of the Security and Airmen industries.

Commonly asked questions.

1. What about Non US Citizens.

Yes, check the jobs posted on the website. We have jobs posted for all nationalities.

2. Where do I send my resume?

Apply through the job posting on Each one is different. We work with about 200 companies who post job openings there.

3. Do I really have to pay?

If you wish to use our services, then, yes. We are all contractors, not programmers. We are constantly on the move and too busy to host things ourselves. We charge about 30 cents a day to cover the programming and hosting costs. We aren't getting rich over here at 30 cents a day. If you've been around this page long you know we give a lot back to the community. We aren't in this for the money.

How do I know you work? 
Check our Facebook page with over 200,000 fans.
Go through our past post by others for a ton of success stories. We have been around since 2010 and have helped tons of veterans find employment. If we were a scam you would see a ton of complaints and no fans. 

4. “OPSEC be damned! I'm going to post my whole resume and clearance on your public page! What job should I apply for?”

First, don't post your bio or clearance level on a public Facebook page. If the right person sees it, then you lose your clearance. If the wrong person sees it, then you lose your family. Think before you post.

Second, we have no idea what job you should apply for; we don't read tea leaves. Start with the ones you are qualified for. Then, narrow it down to the ones that interest you.

Do not apply for a job you are not qualified for. Recruiters will mark your email as spam. When you apply for a job that you are qualified for your application will go to the spam box. They won't ever see your name for that job.

5. Does reserve or guard time count?

Yes, if you have been deployed. But, you had better expect to start at the bottom.

6. I got out 6-8 years ago but I've been working as a contractor, instructor, cop, or armed executive protection agent for a major company. Does that count for anything?

Yes, as long as you've been in the field it can count. It will also depend on what job you actually go for. If you've been working as an instructor then good sense would say apply to the instructor positions. If you have been working as a cop. Apply for the police trainer positions. Don't ask us what to apply for. We have no clue what job will interest you. Ask your buddies; they know you better than we do.

If you have been doing any other kind of work like planting flowers or a bank teller for the last 8 years then we are sorry about your midlife crisis but this isn't the place for it.

7. I only did 3 years and 9 months but deployed twice. Man it really sucks I can't apply.

Use some common sense will you before asking/commenting about this. If you have been deployed and are a verifiable BAMF, then the companies won't care about the 90 days of BS you didn't sit through at some point in your career. But, at 3 years X months with deployments on record and an outstanding resume, you can still get hired.

If you only did two years then yeah you're screwed. Can't help you. Don't bother asking. Go be cop for a few years to get the experience on your resume you need if you really want to do this kind of work. 

8. If you are physically disabled and require a device or assistance to roll/walk. Companies will not hire you. These are high-threat security jobs with strict PT requirements. If you are in a wheelchair or have a walker, this isn't the career path you want. If you can't run, climb ropes, climb walls, go through an obstacle course, do pushups or sit-ups. You cannot be hired. No amount of bitching will matter.

9. I ETS in the year 2019. Can I start applying now?

There is no point in applying or trying to court companies until you have 2-3 months left. You can even begin once you know you are 6 months out.

10. What about if I have PTSD on my record?

Most private security companies won't hire individuals for armed security work if they have PTSD on their record. You claimed you have mental issues when you claimed it for your disability check. No one wants to hand you a loaded firearm and put you in a stressful environment. Complain all you want about discrimination. It's the rules of the game.

11. What does XYZ job pay?

Companies rarely post salaries. You find out when they offer you the job because most DOE. It's usually confidential because they don't want to get outbid on upcoming contracts. If XYZ company post a job for 100k for an upcoming contract. It's competing company will just pay their guys 95k and win the contract.

12. Will I have to pass a PT test? What will that involve.

Yes you will and it's usually on the first day. You fail and you go home that day. No exceptions, you NEED to show up ready to go. Every job, contract, company and client have their own standards of what they want. 50 push ups, 50 sit ups, bench your own body weight 5 times and a 1.5 mile run are a safe bet for employment. If you're worried then better get in the gym. You don't need to be a bodybuilder or UFC fighter to pass the test. Only need to show the company if shit hits the fan you're not going to be a weak link in the chain. Being it better shape will help keep you alive in this work.

13. I heard you need to be a former SEAL, Green Beret, Ranger or CAG to qualify for any of this work. Is that true?

Please throat punch the person who told you this. There are over 100,000 contractor positions around the world. There is not 100k former SOF operators to fill those positions. You do NOT need to be former Spec Ops to be a contractor. It will help, but only about 5% of the jobs require it.

This was your first step in a very long vetting process. If you read this and got offended. Then you probably won't do well down range where bad language is the norm. If you read this and got a laugh. Welcome to the community.

This guide will be updated as new situations occur.


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